Ultrasound #2: 9w1d

Today we had our second ultrasound at 9 weeks 1 day.   Our tech was excited because she doesn’t do many fetal ultrasounds this early.

Apparently most women don’t have ultrasounds until later in their pregnancies.  We’ve had two early on the orders of our fertility clinic.  They check to ensure development and placement of the embryos (to make sure the pregnancy isn’t a chemical–without a fetus developing–or isn’t extrauterine–implanted somewhere other than uterus).  The second ultrasound is to make sure the fetus continues to develop appropriately.

I also had labs to check my progesterone and estradiol levels because I will begin weaning from those medications in the next couple of weeks as the placenta develops and takes over the production of the needed hormones.

Our tech took a lot of time to “show us around” the baby which is about the size of a gummy bear.  We can now see where the forehead and rump are as well as the beginning of the umbilical cord and the appendages.  She also spent a while letting us watch the baby wiggle.  We also got to hear the heart beat for the first time with a rate of 175.


Our next appointment is a regular monthly appointment with our ob-gyn on Jan. 16.  Then we see the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in Wichita on Jan. 31.

On a side note, a cool advantage of working at a college means I have access to all kinds of fun props.  So, here’s our baby and a model of a two-month fetus.




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